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Oakfield Park School

All Different, All Valued, All Equal

Key Stage 3 -  Year 7,8 & 9

Students in key stage 3 will be learning through their topic of  "Materials" during Autumn term 2018.


Communication and Interaction

(Reading, Writing, Speaking, listening, Sign language )

BSL, PECS,  European greetings.  Weather reports/songs,  descriptions (adjectives)

Phonics / sensory phonics

Reading stories / sensory stories

Writing / mark making  body awareness

Writing outside

Materials key words and signs

Stories:  3 little pigs / Look at Hoodwinked for more age appropriate

Charlie and Chocolate factory  - states of matter        Pebble in my pocket—Rocks   ITCH—changes of states   Kensuke’s Kingdom— properties of materials


Cognition and learning

(Maths, Science, computing)

Number,  counting, matching and sequencing objects, giant clock – teaching clocks 3d and 2d large shapes, gel filled—sensory

Different kinds of materials—exploration / testing

Progressive computing skills switch / mouse / keyboard

E-safety through a super learning day and poster competition / awareness of safety

Patterns / matching / tessellation / rotation / symmetry

Manmade and natural materials

Sorting by material—recycling workshop at Shanks

Equals 3.3b—changing materials unit Solids / liquid and gases.


Physical and sensory

(P.E, DT, Art, Food tech, music)

Physical activity  - Swimming / RDA See

PE POS for EQUALS Outdoor and adventurous activities—Follow it find it 3.15

Healthy eating / healthy choices

Exercise—walking         SPARC                             WUSU                Sherbourne                           TACPAC

Sensory trails—using hands / using feet / blind folded

Sensory diet (See POS)

What do we do for leisure—take part in everyone’s favourite leisure activity.


Social emotional, mental health, behaviour and independence.

Cooking and nutrition, SRE, PSHE)

Changing states—food—melting, freezing, blending, from Dough to cookie. 

Reversible and irreversible changes.—whisking eggs—burning toast etc...

Tidying up—responsibility

Making choices

Views and opinions

Meeting new people—making relationships


Creative   (Art, DT Music Drama, RE)

Theatrical costumes, sequins, colours,

Fabric art,  tiedye, collage,

Making items from different materials (Equals 3.7.4)

Rubbings of different materials                                          

Sewing / knitting

Natural material sculptures                             

Making own paper

Weaving with different materials—large and small inside and out


Wider World

(Humanities, Horticulture, PSHE, British s, citizenship, Offsite learning, RE)

Clothes of the past—materials.  What things used to be made from

British designers—clothing / homes

Uniforms—jobs people do              

Celebrating diversity.
Special objects in our lives / different faiths