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Oakfield Park School

All Different, All Valued, All Equal

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11

During Autumn Term 2018 the students in key stage 4 will focus their learning around the theme of "Materials in the work place and real world."


Communication    (Reading, Writing, Speaking, listening, Sign )

Words to do with materials—adjectives to describe

Kim’s Game

Signs for jobs and materials

Choosing materials

Listening to workplace instructions, writing and reading workplace instructions

TEACCH strategies supporting people in the workplace e.g. sequence of instructions, breaking a task into small steps, clear finish point


Pocket poetry sensory bags. Sensory massage stories.

“What’s in the bag?”


Cognition / thinking skills  (Maths, Science, computing, e-safety)

Products—testing suitable materials and their properties, counting products, cost of materials and of products, Computing—coding, Minecraft (it’s all about materials)?

Building materials  - best designs for construction, construction materials, adhesive materials

Science—Bonfire Night—flames

Material properties: flexibility, stretch, v and capacity e.g. absorption of water, fire retardant.

Colour of the day sensory boxes.

Weather / season sensory boxes.


Physical and sensory  (P.E, Sports / leisure, health, fitness, sensory diet)

Lots of exploring different materials—solids, liquids, gases

Using equipment—gym, workplace equipment used to carry and move things

Jobs that use fitness and exercise

Sensory materials: shiny, iridescent, wood

Trees: bark, charcoal


Behaviour Independence and self help   (Cooking and nutrition, SRE, PSHE)

Growing up and starting to work

Following instructions using communication systems that are transferable to the workplace (TEACCH strategies that are used at work)

Role play using materials in the workplace

Cooking for self and for others (other people like different things)

Clothing for the weather and clothing for the job: is a material waterproof? Umbrellas. Clothing for work. Protective clothing. Clothing for comfort.


Creative   (Art, DT Music Drama, RE)

Products—design, make, evaluate

Halloween, Bonfire crafts, Christmas crafts

Natural materials: wig, leaf, cone painting.  Bark rubbings.

Change the shape of a material (clay, melting, hearting & cooling foods, boiling)

Role play using work place materials e.g. builder, chef, tailor.

Build a sukkot (Jewish), Make a diya (Hindu)

‘Feely’ bags

‘Spring tray’: slinky, inside of clocks, metal & plastic springs



Wider World  (Humanities, Horticulture, PSHE, British Values)

Ingredients for well known products and where and how they are grown

Cooperation in the workplace, resolving disputes in the workplace

Where materials are sourced from—quarries etc.