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Creative Strand

Creativity is taught and embedded throughout the curriculum in school.  Incorporating the creative strand into our curriculum and timetable enables pupils to transform the way they acquire knowledge and how they apply it in real life.  Through creative practice pupils are able to build skills such as how to express themselves, improve their emotional development, enhance thinking capabilities, boost problem solving skills, reduce stress and anxieties, develop and maintain communication and social skills, improve focus and attention and develop more innovative mindsets.  Classes participate in music therapy sessions throughout the year and are encouraged and supported to participate in 2 annual performance getting the opportunity to use and develop their drama and performance skills, as well as being able to design sets and create props. 


We have been fortunate for the last 2 years to be part of YAMSEN Wakefield accord choir where we have performed in concerts for the Mayor of Leeds and at the Theatre Royal in Wakefield.  We have also taken part in Music for Youth competitions with our ‘wired’ music group


In Post 16, the creative strand becomes part of the Participating in Society and Preparation for Work curriculum elements. Students are encouraged to take part in different creative activities, and continue to develop a knowledge and understanding of different materials, sounds and technologies. As part of the ASDAN accreditation, students in Post 16 undertake a unit of work called Engaging in New Creative Activities. Students explore a number of various art techniques such as painting, collage and printing, and create their own images or models. In addition to art, students are encouraged to take part in music, drama, and dance activities too.


Creativity is evidenced through Evidence for learning where it falls into various categories such as cognition, communication and PHSE.

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