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Oakfield Park School

All Different, All Valued, All Equal


Communication is a basic human right. Communication is the means through which we control our existence. It is the way we make friends and build relationships. It is the way we become independent and make choices. It is the way we learn. It is the way we express our feelings, thoughts and emotions. It is the way we make sense of the world around us. Communication works through a two-way process by which messages are sent and understood between individuals or groups of people. This is a right which everyone has, no matter what their barriers.

Students at Oakfield Park School have varying Speech and Language Communication Needs (SLCN). Communication therefore is unique to the student and includes, but is not limited to, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Throughout their time at Oakfield Park School, they need to be enabled to communicate effectively so that when they move on, they have the means to engage with the world and become as independent as they can be. It is essential that everyone has a method of communication, an opportunity to communicate and a subject to communicate about. At Oakfield Park School we prioritise this and work to empower our students.



At Oakfield Park School, Cognition plays an important part in finding out about our world and making sense of it. We want our curriculum to be fun for pupils and to feel relevant in their lives. For this reason, we place an importance on practical tasks for it to be meaningful.

For some students cognition and thinking skills involves developing early concepts of cause and effect, and acting on the environment. For others active exploration leads to making observations and anticipating what might happen, with some students recalling factual information, offering explanations and asking questions


Social and Behaviour

As a school, we seek to create a caring and supportive learning environment by setting high expectations, developing positive behaviour, nurturing self-esteem and self-awareness. Our curriculum is based on tolerance, participation, engagement and how to regulate emotions. We actively address issues of emotional health and well-being by helping students to understand what they are feeling and how to manage their emotions. Our vision is to encourage all students show respect for others, to lead fuller lives and enable them to reach their full potential at school, at home and within the community. We offer a motivating and relevant curriculum that reflects our school motto “All Different, All Valued, all Equal” and our school rules to "Be Kind, Stay Safe, Work Hard", in all that we do.

When students feel good about themselves and have high self-esteem and self-awareness, we believe they will be motivated and equipped to:


  • Be effective and successful learners
  • Develop and sustain friendships
  • Participate in curriculum activities
  • Manage emotions and feelings such as frustration, anger and anxiety
  • Be able to remain calm and engage
  • Work and play co-operatively
  • Compete fairly, with dignity and respect for others
  • Understand and value the differences and commonalities between people, respecting the rights of others to have beliefs and values different from their own


Physical comfort must be a priority in order to support engagement and access in any learning opportunity.  Individuals to be as healthy and active as possible.  To inspire pupils to exceed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.  To become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness.  To enable confident engagement in a wider range of leisure activities.  Therapies such as rebound, massage and hydro contribute to the students physical development, maintenance and well-being.



Creativity provides a rich and motivating stimulus to develop a wide range of art, music, drama, design and technology, speaking and listening skills. It enables every student regardless of ability to work in different ways by engaging the mind and body. Creative opportunities help students to extend their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the wider world, encouraging them to problem solve and maximise their individual imagination and creativity, it is vital that students are encouraged to do so, even if this proves challenging. Creativity should always build confidence, self-esteem and provide the opportunity for students to express themselves, choose and try new ideas in a safe learning environment. Creativity provides the opportunity for everyone to achieve success regardless of what academic level they are functioning at.


Independence and Self-help

Supporting students to increase independent skills from personal care, feeding and toileting to ultimately preparing for life beyond school. This will include opportunities for decision making and self-regulation. There will be an emphasis on healthy lifestyles according to each students’ individual needs so that they have the confidence to live happy and fulfilled lives. 


Wider World

At Oakfield Park students are encouraged to explore, experience, respond to and engage with the wider world within their capabilities.  Students are encouraged to participate in activities, celebrations and events within school with their peers and to interact with students from other classes and Key-stages.  Offsite learning opportunities are available to all students both in the local community and further afield, including residential opportunities.  Post 16 students access work experience opportunities both on and off school site.   Cultural visits are provided to enrich all students learning and visiting associations for example PAT dogs, Fire Service, Police, Artists and Zoo lab) are part of the school calendar.