All Different, All Valued, All Equal

Wider World Strand 

The wider world strand is all about engaging students with the world outside the classroom and home. Teachers set suitable learning challenges and respond to each child’s different needs. The use of different teaching methods allows for different learning styles to be addressed.

In the different key stages links to Wider Worlds are:

KS3, KS4, P16

  • Off-site learning and educational visits
  • Visits from agencies (also unlikely at the moment due to covid restrictions)
  • Super learning day
  • Formal lesson activities

KS4 and P16

  • Enterprise
  • Horticulture


  • Work experience
  • Work in the garden areas around school, looking after plants and growing our own vegetables.

Whole School 

We hold whole school celebrations for a range of cultural and religious events to allow students to understand how important these events are for people around the world.


This strand links to EfL through:

PSHE - growing and changing: coping with new environments

PSHE - keeping safe: know your address, awareness of strangers, know safe places to go in the community, awareness of emergency services/ people who can help us, road safety

PSHE - Valuing difference - awareness of different religions, families, sexual preferences (awareness of different people in the community)

PSHE - rights and responsibilities - citizenship - awareness of police, court, prison, laws. rights, responsibilities and privacy.

PSHE - taking care of the environment (recycling and saving energy)

PSHE - money - understanding how to purchase items

Stomping on - boxall developmental - interest and awareness of the natural world

Using money to purchase goods links to learning in cognition.

Caring for the environment links to learning in cognition/ science.


2023/4 Wider World Policy


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