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Safeguarding team: Nicola Cryer, Frances Gambles and Tracy Bunko. 

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We are genuinely delighted that Oakfield Park is receiving exclusive access to our Safer Schools App. This is provided in partnership with Zurich Municipal and Ineqe Safeguarding Group.


What is the App?

The Safer Schools App is your school’s digital safeguarding communication and training toolkit. It has been designed by safeguarding professionals to help make your entire school community safer online. Our online contextual safeguarding information is tailored to specific roles providing your school with access to contemporary, credible and relevant content. Our Safer School’s App will help you educate, empower and protect your entire school community.

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A Social Story on Internet Safety


Staff - Keeping Safe Online While Working from Home

  1. Do not use personal devices (where possible) to do school work.

  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure nobody can see over your shoulder.

  3. Try not to write down passwords. This can be difficult with the amount of passwords we are expected to remember but just think about what would happen if you lost that paper and somebody found it.

  4. Always use your work email for school related business. Do not email documents that contain sensitive information. If you need to; Always password protect these type of documents, send the file in one email and then email the password in a separate email.

  5. Never share your passwords, even with other staff.

  6. If you are sent a photo or video containing a child or children make sure you delete it and report on school pod. 

  7. If you need to contact a family never use your personal email address and never give them your personal phone number. If you need to call them whilst at home make sure you withhold your number by dialling

    141 before their phone number.

  8. If you are using a school device at home be careful what websites you access. Think about what would happen if your Internet history popped up on the whiteboard when you come back to work.

  9. Do not talk about or discuss work specifics on social media, including what's app. Keep to phone calls.

10. When sending an email only click Reply-All if you are certain everyone in the email chain needs to see your reply and double, or triple, check that you are sending your email to correct person.

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