All Different, All Valued, All Equal

School Council and Student voice

Our current School Council members are working hard to give all students in school a "voice" and support the Senior Leadership team in making decisions which involve the students, through regular meetings with the Assistant Head Teacher. 


  • To give ALL students a voice


  • Share our school’s values and vision
  • Give every person a say in what happens
  • Learn that all views and opinions are important
  • Find ways to make our school even better
  • Be actively involved in learning
  • Develop as a citizen of the school community 

Role of the School Council Members:

  • Find out what others in your key stage think or would like
  • Pass on ideas and views at School Council meetings
  • Tell your key stage what School Council are doing

 Code of Conduct for School Council Members:

  • Come to the meetings
  • Be a good role model
  • Listen to others
  • Don’t shout out
  • Try your best